You Have To Live Here

The unity of mind among the community is important here and the residents appreciate having a developer who does exactly as they promise. Says Roy Osgaard, president of the Linville Falls Mountain Club Property Owners Association, “Glenn Goldan and his team took their time to learn who we were and what we can become. His team collaborated with us on a joint vision of an affordable resort community.

Roy Osgaard

Bobby Blanton

Bobby tragically and suddenly passed away. Bobby’s family went on to complete their family’s dream home and carriage house on what has been renamed as “Blanton’s Ridge.” We miss Bobby’s spirit and participation in our community.

The North Cove community is unique, being rich with beautiful mountains, a rocky river, many nearby attractions, farms that are generations old and families who embrace each other as well as newcomers. When I was born, my family lived a stone’s throw from our current home. I remember when there were pastures and boulders the size of barns sitting where the golf course now sits. The Native Americans called the cove “Conosoga” which means the valley of beautiful rocks. We are now blessed to, again, reside in this beautiful valley, rocks, mountains, river and all.

Rebekah Thomas

Our discovery of LFMC was mostly accidental, but we are truly grateful for the place we now call home!  Our neighbors are great friends.  The climate is surprisingly mild for those of us who live here year-round.  The golf course is challenging and constantly improving.  The amenities of the mountains are literally at our doorstep.  And the future looks bright!  We are excited about the prospect of many new residents.  Come and see for yourself!

Joe Rightmyer